Thursday, October 16, 2008

K Sarah, Sarah!

We were driving blind today! I forgot my backup guide – Mr. Rand McNally! I left him at the office yesterday, so when we left the house this morning, we had only “Sarah” (Short for Guide Person Sarah) to help us navigate the 4 ½ hour journey. She did well as long as we were on the parkways and long traveled roads. We had “told” her where we were going, and she determined the best route to get there, though, of course she did not tell us the whole route. She would have if we had asked, but we trusted her to know and guide us properly. What I did not know was that she was using information that did not take into account the new roads that had opened. At one point “Sarah” revealed our car moving, not down the road, but in the middle of an expanse of grass, where there was no road “on her map” and, in addition, she evidently felt it was important for us to see the side roads which ran parallel to the main route, which we continued to intersect, as we followed buses and other vehicles in their normal slow routines! The redeeming fact was the trip was through beautiful country, and we were not really pressed for time, but when you have your travel set on “fast forward” it is disconcerting to be put on “sloooow” speed or “pause”. I know, I know! “Slow down and smell the flowers…!” A spoonful of my own medicine. Before the next trip, though, I intend to get “Sarah” and “Rand” in the car with me.

This journey with “Sarah” and “what will be, was” begin to cause me to wonder about man’s spiritual journey and the guides that he uses to find his way. The fast pace of this world’s changing scenery in every phase has all of us quickly trying to arrive at destinations which vary dependent on each man’s concept of his goal in life. For many it is the amassing of “things” that are perceived as the measure of success. The guide on this journey is a digest of “maps” that result from every Donald Trump to “Freddie Mac” to Joe the Plummer, to coin the latest on the middle class scene. In other words, success has many “pundits” (proclaimed wise guides or guys, whichever applies). The only problem is while you’re driving, even one map is too much to be coordinating with a steering wheel, unless you enjoy driving alternatively in the ditch and the road. Multiply the maps…and, well, you get the picture.

Now, don’t get me wrong! Mr. McNally is important, but perhaps reading his directions before hand would keep your hands free to drive! This brings me to “Sarah” and her approach to guidance. There is ONE who knows completely the DESTINATION and the WAY to get there, though it does not always fit with man’s own concepts of how it should fly! “Sarah” operates from a higher perspective. One, she always knows where you are. That’s a given. Mr. McNally doesn’t have a clue on that and leaves that to your fingers, to do the walking or some such. Now GP Sarah here is limited to the last set of programmed maps that were given at her creation, so may not always be clued to the latest in open roadway. Two, the “Sarah” Who's Higher, i.e., the Holy Spirit, knows both the original WAY, which never changes, in addition to all of the DETOURS that man can devise. So you are never without a PATH to HIS DESTINATION, which is hopefully the one you have allowed Him to program for you. Three (as a preacher, there has to be a third point, for that is the way we’re wired), “Sarah” is always on the job and will tell me every turn I need to make in plenty of time to make the necessary adjustment of lanes, etc., and her voice jars me to a fresh consciousness of the journey, in case I’ve been preoccupied with “too much scenery”, internally or externally. The Holy Spirit’s voice, when I’ve opened my mind and heart to allow His mid-trip instructions, is more than just an “Sarah” interruption, He is a Companion Guide along the way, giving me a whole fascinating background on what I am seeing along the way, when I need to pause and file away a picture, or simply enjoy. WOW! WHAT A TRIP!

What about you, my friend? Driving in the ditch, trying to shuffle the maps? Well, be aware of the maps of “Man McNally” but let the Lord’s Holy Spirit, and His WORD, your real GUIDEBOOK, be your “Sarah”!

Be encouraged on your journey today! Not going anywhere, you say? I beg to differ. You are going farther than you know!


Jo said...

WOW! What a comparison! Good blog, bro!
Love you.

Mich said...

Without "Rand" on the trip, what did Mom do? Take a nap? Or drive while you took a nap? Just kidding Dad!

I liked your blog and the spiritual comparisons. However, on a funnier note, I do have to say that I was reminded me of all the different "road trips" I've taken with you and how much more we got to see because we were always LOST!!! :)

Love ya!