Friday, April 17, 2009


I confess I've been one of the millions that have "logged-on" to see and hear this amazing lady give rise to her dreams by singing "I Dreamed a Dream". Moved to tears, yes, and I've repeated the playbacks several times, each with equal and even greater appreciation of what Susan Boyle has managed to do in a brief few days. And what has she done? Only captured for millions their dreams and hopes, and if only through her success, they will, too, find the dreams they've dreamed.

As I stepped back to reflect upon the phenomena that has enveloped us, I have found some threads of special significance weaving through this life called Susan Boyle. One quite obvious thread is her 47 years as a part of the common stock upon which the world truly stands. For all of the limelight and hype of the rich and famous, the models and heroes that are displayed and sought after, the truth is that these depend upon the masses who daily work and live in obscurity. These are the true heroes, though unnamed and unfamed. This thread in the Boyle tapestry provides the necessary background through which the others are woven.

She is gifted and has a talent that has been recognized, if only in a very local region. Her ability has been encouraged by family and friends, and through this she's made some steps toward the dream. Here I am particularly won over, for her dream's pursuit has her Christian faith and gift woven together as defining threads. Characterizations as "tiger" and "cheeky" did not hide the quiet Boyle spirit of humility she displayed. When asked in interviews, "what next?" her replies repeated "taking baby steps" in the process before her. My prayer is that the suddenness of her rise will not change her patient weaving that has thus far been her winning grace.

Her sacrificial care of her aging mother, which had put a hold on her further pursuit of singing professionally, did not stop her tapestry's weaving. It merely added another very important strain of color, one I fear that many of society have rejected as unnessary in the building of a life of success. "What's in it for me?" is the cry that all too often ends-up on the floor to be swept-up and thrown-out as worthless thread. Her sacrifice has added a thread of beautiful color which has enhanced the value of the finished product, yet to be revealed.

And her pursuit of the stage and opportunity to share her talent was shared as a tribute to her mother's memory. This honor expressed served to enhance the threads of love and care which prioritized her patient weaving of her life's tapestry.

I am reminded by Susan's tapestry of Another's, which is, in truth, the standard by which all others are measured. Born in obscurity, of common stock, He was gifted and early in His life pursued that "gift" with the encouragement of His parents, though their understanding of the extent of His "rise" was limited.

His was and is the Tapestry that was woven throughout with love and humility. His life and words placed high value upon, not seeking worldly fame though multitudes would have pushed Him to claim it, but upon giving hope to all, the targets of His love, ambition and desire.

He mounted a stage, the cross, and sang His song of sacrifice. And when He declared "it finished" He walked off the stage to the complete surprise of those who watched His performance. Only a few hours later, He made a significant appearance and was interviewed by many who would begin to spread His story to the world. Now, the countless centuries still echo "the hits" that His Tapestry has recorded. His name, JESUS!

Susan Boyle, your humble weaving has been another affirmation of the HOPE that is found alone in Christ Jesus, our Lord. I thank you for the reminder. Keep it so!


Mich said...

I loved her story. She made me smile.

Love ya!

Amber said...

You know I'm a sucker for this lady. She still makes me weepy everytime I even hear her name.

Love her.

Gretchen said...

Hi from Amber's blog. Just had to check your blog out. :)

Lurve what you had to say about Susan Boyle. So true. I hope she stays just the way she is despite a few God-led baby steps. Good.for.her.