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Several years ago I saw a movie that was made in Africa - the name of it was THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY - It was the story of a Kalahari Bushman whose tribe was out of touch with the modern world, and as such, limited in understanding of it. Imagine trying to make sense of anything which does not fit into one's every day existence. In the story, a COKE bottle is thrown from a passing plane, found and thought to be a "gift" from the gods by the village. It proves to be more of a curse than a blessing as the tribesmen begin to fight over it and eventually use it as a weapon. To keep peace in the village, the wise bushman decides to take the bottle to "the end of the earth" and throw it back to the gods. The movie follows his almost comic adventures as he tries to find and make contact with the "gods" to return the object. Of course, all he encounters he interprets in light of his limited understanding.

Scriptures to Consider: Matthew 2:1-12
As I considered this last in the series of what I have termed the "Roads to Bethlehem", this movie's storyline struck me as somewhat similiar to the story of the "Three Wise Men" of the nativity story. Whether kings, magi, or wise sages, theirs was a journey of discovery which began with limited knowledge of the LIGHT which was given them. They were scholars who studied the heavens to learn and increase their understanding of their world. They were humble seekers of truth - unlike the masses who were content to remain in ignorance - and certainly unwilling to pursue anything that would require them to change their lives for something beyond the tangible present, as difficult as it might be at times.

As we follow these wise men, we must first consider that they were given a "gift" of LIGHT. Logic tells us that if we are in the dark and looking for something, we need something to assist us in our search. DUH! WE NEED A LIGHT!

Now, their LIGHT came in the form of something which was not entirely a mystery to them. They studied the stars and it was a star that gave the LIGHT they needed to begin their journey into more LIGHT. Paul tells us in Romans 1:17-20 that God is revealed by His creation to those who would know Him. These wise men took what they saw and searched for more knowledge by its LIGHT. Just as the Kalahari Bushman did with the Coke bottle, they went in search of "gift's" source.

Now, these wise men took what was for them a natural course. They understood the LIGHT to come from the highest of origins so they went to the highest authority to discover the truth of the star's LIGHT. Thus they came to Herod's court to find the truth they sought.

How often do we fail to see the truth of God revealed in His creation around us. How blind we often remain, and thus ignorant of truths that God would have us discover about Him and His plan for us.

Following the LIGHT they had been given, it LED them to Jerusalem and they were given more LIGHT from the prophecies that were told to them. Like a man who is searching for clues to a buried treasure, each clue gives another part of the of the map that shows where the treasure is buried.

Do you know that God is constantly revealing more and more truth to those who will take the first step of faith's discovery? The problem is that many will not take the first step of discovery - afraid - sometimes that it will require them to change their lives, their selfish understanding of God, their own selfish wills, etc.
Considering the example of the Kalahari Bushman, he left his comfort zone to honestly pursue what he thought was right for his village. He would put back into the hands of the gods that which he felt was their property. In a way, that is what God calls on every man to do. The call is to take the LIGHT we have and return to Him. We have a call to leave our comfort zones and pursue what He has for us.
Now, consider the CHANGE OF LIFE that comes when we pursue the LIGHT that LEADS us down the road to Bethlehem. The wise men, when they had found the Christ Child - they recognized Him as the true King and gave him gifts that acknowledged Him as King (the gold), as High Priest to offer the sacrifice (the frankincense), and the purposed sacrifice (the myrrh of tradition's burial rites). They bowed in worship, and warned of God about Herod's true intent to slay the young "pretender" to his throne, THEY CHANGED THEIR JOURNEY'S COURSE.
So it is when one takes the LIGHT that is given and follows it and the clues that bring more LIGHT to its purpose - one is CHANGED forever by the LIGHT that God gives. Consider that the way that the wise men came was in accord with their understanding of God - they came by way of the worldly, but even here God led them by His Word to come before the Messiah. And when they left - they did so, not by way of the world (in this case - Herod), but went home another way.
Now, you have been given LIGHT. Will you discover more by letting God LEAD you into more truth, even though it means CHANGING your LIFE and bringing you out of your comfort zone?
Be encouraged! You've been given the proverbial "Coke" bottle - what will you do with it?


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