Saturday, May 8, 2010

"M" IS FOR...

M.O.T.H.E.R.S that have blessed my life!

My MOM! She was the best!
She taught me wrong from right, and tucked me in at night.
She patched my bruises and taught me the bad habit loses.
She dreamed great things for me, and helped me be what I could be.
She sacrificed, worked hard without complaints, so all of us could have the best without restraints.
She was my MOTHER! And as such, like no other!

She, too, was great, a second Mom, and not second rate!
She loved her kids and did her best, her mother tasks all passed the test.
Considering my gain, her daughter fine, I've had a claim on a momma gold mine!

When our kids were born, MOM replaced HON, and though they are grown,(the name) MOM's still number ONE!
She patches my bruises and keeps me in line, and though telling me I'm leading, I follow just fine!
She's a partner in work and also in play, she's the treasure of happiness I find every day.

These girls, "AMB" and "MICH", after their MOM's guided care, are MOMs in their own right, and treasures quite rare!
They're MOMs to my grands, all five growing right, for their MOMs have made sure through their Lord's oversight!
There you have it, the MOMs that have "lightened" my door, have blessed my life plenty and I've plans for much more. To these I give honor and to my Lord praise, as we celebrate this weekend for all Mother's Days!

Be encouraged, Mothers, for your work is not in vain in the Lord!


Mich said...

And there I thought "M" was for "Mich." :)

Thanks dad, for a sweet post. I could only be the mom I am today, because of my own mom and dad. 9And the grandparents I miss so much.)
I love you both very much. hug mom for me.

Angie said...

Have to agree - those are some pretty great moms! And I always loved to claim 'Aunt Nodie' as an extra grandma. Miss her dearly.

Ray Edwards said...

Hey, Broco, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. (Not rusty and Bent) This is a special time to remember, relive, and rejoice in the blessings of Motherhood; and especially our connection to it. Thanks.

Tiffani said...

Oh Jim-Dad!

What a sweet, sweet tribute to all of these wonderful, precious ladies.

Let me add "poet" to my list of things I love about Jim-Dad! ;)

Hope you have a wonderful day with your lovely bride and Mama to your girls and filled with sweet memories of your own Mama too!

Guess what?? I'LL SEE YOU SOON!!! YAY!!