Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today, June 26, 2010, marks the 45th year that Virginia and I have been married. When I look back it is hard for me to imagine the journey we've been on together, the experiences we been able to share, the lives we've had the opportunity to touch in some way, the actual miles we've traveled which circle the globe, and the family we've been privileged to produce and continue to enjoy together. IT'S BEEN A TREMENDOUS TRIP!


1. We've lived together in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and for three months, in Georgia. For ten years we lived in Bangladesh and Thailand. We've visited all fifty states except Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Alaska, but we're not done with that! We've been to Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao (now East Timon), India, in addition to our years in Bangladesh and Thailand. (During that time I was able to visit Belarus, Russia and Israel as part of mission teams.)

2. We've moved and lived in 23 different houses or apartments, some briefly, some for as long as 9 years.
3. We attended Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar MO (Now University) together, earning our B.A. degrees. Then she worked to help me earn my Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees at Southwestern Baptist Seminary, who awarded two Ph.T's (Put Hubby Through).

4. We've been teachers for 7 public schools, 5 colleges or universities, 2 seminaries, and two other teaching organizations of higher learning. We also worked as office staff for the railroad and another company, in a furniture factory, as a grounds keeper, college library worker, janitor, retail sales, interviewer for a state employment office, foreign missionaries, pastor, mission song director, pastor to pastors of and mission director to 100 different congregations, and a state director of prayer and men and boys work for 1500 other churches. And for fourteen years we've worked together in a drama ministry, portraying historical characters in schools, churches and other venues. We've pastored five churches, one of them twice, and been interim pastor of two more.
5. We had one son, Stuart, that we lost at one year of age. We've parented two beautiful daughters, Michele and Amber, who have married two great sons-in-law, Kevin and Kirk, and who have given us a granddaughter, Kayla, and 4 grandsons, Jordan, Keaton, Sawyer and Tate, that we love to spoil.

6. We've had great parents that now we look forward to seeing one day in heaven with our boy and others who've made that journey before us.
7. We've waded many a Ozark stream together, catching crawdads (her joy) and fishing, a sport we both love, and hope to do more.
That's seven, a complete number in biblical reckoning, so I leave the rest for another time, maybe the 50th, if I can remember to do it and "blogging" is still in vogue. Suffice it to say, it's been a grand journey and I could have chosen no better traveling companion to experience it with. I love you, Virginia!
Congrats to our oldest, Michele, and her husband, Kevin. Today is their anniversary, too!


Jo said...

Jim and Virginia,

Congratulations on your 45th! What a milestone! It's been a journey in more ways than one for you both....a journey as in moving around and a journey, seeking His will for each step in your lives. I love you both!


p.s. I like the new look of your blog background...much easier to read.

Mich said...

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. Love you both bunches.