Friday, September 3, 2010


Why do think that by much worry and fret and scurrying here and there that we will find rest for our souls? Haven’t we learned that all that occurs with these dreaded activities is a weary body and tired mind? Easy for me to say, you say? If I am pointing my finger at you, I am directing the other three back at me!

Yesterday, in some devotional reading I was doing in “Springs in the Valley” I read this excerpt from Mrs. Cowman’s take on the matter. “In giving a lecture on flame a scientist once made a most interesting experiment. He wanted to show that in the center of each flame there is a hollow – a place of entire stillness – around which its fire is a mere wall. To prove this he introduced into the midst of the flame a minute and carefully shielded charge of explosive powder. The protection was then carefully removed and no explosion followed. A second time the experiment was tried, and by a slight agitation of the hand the central security was lost and an immediate explosion was the result.” Mrs. Cowman then observed, “Our safety, then, is only in stillness of soul. If we are affrighted and exchange the principle of faith for that of fear, or if we are rebellious and restless, we shall be hurt by the flames and anguish and disappointment will be the result.”

The passage she cited for the devotion was Isaiah 43:2, “When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned.”

This passage put me in mind of the three Hebrew children who were thrown into the firey furnace for their refusal to bow down to the king. When it was seen that they were unharmed by the fire, and in fact, the perceived Son of God was walking with them in the midst, they were brought out of the furnace unsinged and did not even smell of smoke! What a testimony to a WALK of STILLNESS.

Further, I was reminded of Jesus asleep in the boat (Mark 4:39) when the storm blew up and the disciples were afraid. They had to wake Him up – imagine, He was sleeping in the storm. And His words to still the storm I believe were meant for the disciples’ hearts, as well! “Peace, be still!"

I chose the title of this blog from yet another passage: Psalm 46:10 reads, “Be still and know that I am God.” Indeed, knowing Who God truly is by an intimate relationship with Him, and moment by moment recognition and acknowledgement of His presence and care is the place where the flames of worldly fires, and even God’s judgment upon man’s waywardness, cannot singe nor even leave a smell of smoke upon our lives. Our STILLNESS OF SOUL in the center of His presence will not be in danger of exploding the peace we are given. And if you need another challenge for this, consider the testimony the earth gives us according to the psalmist (Ps. 76:8). At the recognition of God’s judgment, “the earth feared, and was still.”

Are you facing a fire, a storm that seeks to leave you fearfully pacing and fretting about what might happen? BE ENCOURAGED, MY FRIEND, “BE STILL AND KNOW” HIM WHO HAS A WALL OF FIRE ABOUT YOU FOR PROTECTION, NOT DESTRUCTION.


Angie said...

WOW! Great insight - fire for protection.
Love the post. Now I just have to apply the lesson, and that's the challenge isn't it?!
Love you, cuz!

Ray Edwards said...

Broco, What we often see as our enemy and that which will hurt or even destroy us is simply an opportunity for God to show his protection. But! we must excercise faith and stillness in the midst of the enemy. That is where the "rub" comes. The writer of Hebrews says that faith is the sub-stance of things hoped for (faith is what is under us.. what we stand on) the evidnce of things not seen. (not seen with the physical eye, but seen with eyes of faith." "Without faith it is impossible to please God." Faith is a gift of God. We must choose to use it. Great Blog Broco