Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have two friends, Matt and Sarah, I call them. Having done a lot of traveling in my missionary work in the last few years, I met Matt on the internet. He was my early guide to discovering how to get to particular places I’d never been before, even gave me the miles and travel time to get there. I called him MATT QUEST. Get it! Anyway he was always up-to-date on the best way to get where I was going. He was connected!

My second friend was Sarah. I met her first at Walmart, in the electronics department. Actually, I never met her, just heard her voice. She also had connections, but once we “met” she operated solo based on her education to that point, and was exclusively my personal guide. I continued to seek counsel from Matt in my pre-journey planning, but enjoyed the connection with Sarah during the journey. Frankly, at times her voice kept my “road-hypnosis” at bay, thus keeping me alert.

One of the things I discovered after some time was the fact that Matt and Sarah sometimes did not agree. Having printed out a copy of Matt’s directions, then comparing them with the moment-by-moment vocals from Sarah, major discrepancies occurred. These times were signaled by a crisp and very deliberate tone from Sarah:


This would be accompanied by a visual map on Sarah’s visually projected screen which I had attached to the center of my windshield for easy viewing. She would display an arrow indicating I had missed a turn and must turn-around at the first opportunity. The longer I delayed in doing so, the more she would repeat the command, until at last she would relent and formulate a new route to my intended destination. I confess that sometimes I purposely would ignore her instructions out of my own desire to continue on the road we were using, either because I had some prior knowledge of what I wanted to do or was following Matt’s provided hard copy.

Having seen the maps Sarah would display, I noted that at times when a very new road had been opened since our guide/driver relationship began, she would have my vehicle imaged out in the middle of a field. I quickly realized that I needed to provide for her some updated training on current conditions. This, in fact, continues to bring Matt and Sarah back into close alignment as they guide me into the unfamiliar.

About the relationships I’ve described there are two things that continue to amaze me. Matt’s ability is becoming much more understandable with the computer age and its ability to chart and produce the stats that it does, so my amazement here has settled somewhat. Now Sarah’s has a degree of complexity that still is mind boggling. While driving, she knows exactly where I am at any one point, regardless of the presence of a road or not. I’m told that she is CONNECTED with a mechanical entity above called a satellite, and that this orbiting device and its “partners in space” send continuous signals to Sarah and her many “partners on earth” to keep each of their “charges” instantly aware of their placement and surroundings. That totally causes my head to swim.

MY CONCLUSIONS: First, Matt’s value is in the pre-planning and determining the where and when of my journey. For this I need to make focused and deliberate decisions. Everything from fuel to arrival requirements is involved, in addition to any stops or purposes along the way. Having made all of these decisions, I take Matt’s map in hand and begin.

Secondly, as I begin the journey, I give Sarah information regarding my destination and any of the stops along the way. I then give her the “GO” to connect with her sky partner. Of course, prior to the journey, I give her lead to update her knowledge of the current lay of the land. I then trust my guides to keep me on track.

Now, recently, I’ve been seeing some advertisements that, gratefully, don’t apply to my ability to trust Sarah or Matt. Have you seen the one an insurance company uses to describe one man’s “Sarah” named “Mayhem”? Unlike Sarah’s unswerving attention to correct instructions, this one takes delight in giving wrong directions and putting “his” charge in jeopardy. His RE-CALCULATING is totally a LEFT TURN!


FIRST, you and I are engaged every day in a journey called life. This trip both requires movement toward a definite destination, as well as, moment by moment stops and routing to get us there. Decisions are needed that must be based upon TRUE information from a GUIDE that is completely trustworthy and will help us plan toward the goal, and do so with proper personal health to meet the requirements of the destination. HEAVEN and relationship with GOD is the goal, and life’s journey is to prepare and make the trip, using the RIGHT directions to keep us fit for the destination. Our “MATT” for our journey is GOD THROUGH HIS HOLY WORD, THE BIBLE! There is nothing more updated on all the routes and dangers that lie ahead, along with the resources needed to cope with the twists and turns we will encounter. We must TRUST it completely, however. Picking and choosing only those easier WORD directions, and going-off on our own whims and ignorance will only confuse our route and lead us to dead-ends and life “time” wasted side roads that will only weary and frustrate our journey.

SECONDLY, our journey’s moment-by-moment progress has not only the foundational map but a completely present “SARAH” to give us the necessary turns to keep us on track. This Sarah is GOD THROUGH HIS HOLY SPIRIT. This GUIDE, too, is CONNECTED to that which is ABOVE, higher and more perfect than even the best of satellite computers. By this connection, GOD, Who is constantly in touch with us and everything that is before us, is ever with us, giving instruction and directions. And never fear that GOD will use tactics of deceit like “MAYHEM” (i.e., the Devil), who is a constant threat to try to lead one’s journey into danger, and this is the reason one must keep to the leading voice of the HOLY SPIRIT Guide. Trust this HOLY GUIDE, for He will lead you into all truth. John 16:13f records Jesus’ words about the Holy Spirit, “…when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.”

One final thought. There are times when we do and will fail to follow our “SARAH’s” counsel, and even “MATT’s”, as well. When we do, and we are on a path that was not their counsel but our own decision to depart, we will not hear an audible “RE-CALCULATING! TURN AROUND!” For on the road of life there is no retracing or redoing a journey past. No turning back the hands of the clock. That path is now not open to us! Our need is to recognize we have sinned, have departed from the way that is true, and confess it to our GUIDE, Who in turn conveys it to Our Lord Jesus Who stands to intercede with GOD, THE FATHER in Heaven. Instantly, a “RE_CALCULATION” will have already been made, giving us the best new way available in our life journey. And note this, it will ALWAYS BE A RIGHT TURN!

Be encouraged, fellow travelers on THE WAY!


Mich said...

Great illustrations, Dad.

Love ya!

Angie said...

Wish I could say that the 're-calculating' notice was always appreciated. Many times my first reaction is irritation - on either side of your parallel.

I guess that's all part of the journey!!