Friday, April 22, 2011

Living Lord's Supper

A 2011 Portrayal of "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

For the fifth time, three times in Bangkok and twice here in my church, we have coordinated the dramatic presentation of "The Last Supper" as painted by Leonardo da Vinci.  Last evening's event was held in the midst of a stormy Ozark night.  Despite the weather, one hundred persons attended, and all expressed how much the experience helped them to catch a vision of what happened almost 2000 years ago, as our Lord entered His last few hours prior to His crucifixion and subsequent resurrection.  Indeed, the drama portrayed is in reality a drama in which we still participate today.

Like these disciples who sat with Him and heard His strong and strange words, we, too, recognize that His life purpose goes beyond just having life in this world filled with good times.  His was a objective motivated by love for man and the Father's will for man's redemption.  It was toward this end that His focus was concentrated.  Because of this, our acknowledgement of His Sonship, death, burial and resurrection, and our repentance and faith in Him enables that objective to be realized in us.

It is my prayer that this Easter's celebration of His resurrection will draw many into the life-drama that He lived, bringing about His life in many.  Be encouraged, fellow believers, He Who was raised and ascended into Heaven, will truly come in like manner as He left.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


Mich said...

Love you dad! Glad i got to see you this weekend.

Everyone did a great job!

Ray Edwards said...

I am sure as a young pastor I served at the "Supper" with less than the depth and significance it deserved. The dramatic presentation must surly help deepen every believrs appreciation and understanding of this special church ordinance. I am glad you are doing this. I am sorry I could not be there.

Broco Ray

Angie said...

Love this!!!
What a wonderful way to see a familiar story with a new perspective.
Keep it up, hopefully I'll see it 'live and in person' one day!