Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, the day is here! Hoped for, dreaded for we're not ready, sorry, for the friends we must tell goodbye, glad for the waiting is over, etc. You get the drift?

We've a "come and go" traditional office Christmas party from 9-12 am, pick up the U-Haul at 3 pm, and have a crew coming at 6 pm to help load the heavys and get it fairly loaded with only minor small stuff we'll work on tomorrow. Sunday's my last preaching schedule at a church in the AM and a presentation of George Mueller in the PM. Then early Monday we pull out for a several hour trip to our new home in Arkansas, where another crew of friends will help us unload and reverse the whole process - unpacking! We will be returning to stay over the new year to get a final load packed and moved - hopefully by the 5th of January.

Pray for us through all of these activities.

It does remind me that we're always packing, and looking forward to another trip. It is very hoped for. Again, dreaded for though we are ready, many of our friends are not. Indeed, we don't need "stuff" packed, just ourselves and a desire to "be caught up with Him in the clouds" as the scriptures promise. No long hours on the highway to get there, the trip will be instant. A group will meet us but not to help us unpack - all of our time will be spent in reunion with them and the Saviour Who has gathered us into eternity with Him.

In buying this house into which we now move, we've often stated it will be our last move. Here, of course. We will enjoy it and the friends and family for as long as it will be until the other TRIP plans are inacted. We pray you will be ready and join us for that ONE!

Be encouraged today.


Ray Edwards said...

Hey Broco,

I hope our next move is not north, south, east, or west, but up. Of course we are in God's hands and our commitment is still in force, "We'll go where you want us to go, dear Lord, we'll do what you want us to do."

Amber said...

Big move....gosh....can't believe it is really here. Wish we were there to help.

Love you guys.

Jo said...

I made another trip out to your house today. Everything looks A-OK.
So glad your "last move" is home to Arkansas! We haven't lived near one another for over 40 years. My how time does fly!
See you soon!

Mich said...

Wish we could help you...very happy for you. look forward to seeing you christmas!
love ya!