Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Under the Weather!

As I began to sit and record and brief blog about the last few days, the words "under the weather" came to mind. For four days I have been fighting a cold, and with the extreme changes in the weather, I have been truly "under" it. I don't suffer many colds, maybe once a year, often less. I don't have sinus or extreme allergy problems or headaches, so really I'm blessed! But this one was a duzy. One night's fever, then one night's hacking cough every thirty minutes was about to get to me. Today's been better, and I think I'm going to get on top of it.

As I thought about being "under the weather" I wondered where we got the term. Well, a little research on google indicated that its early use had to do with the matter of being a sailor on board a ship, and at the mercy of storms at sea. It was a miserable time, hence its description applied to the misery of dealing with a lingering cold or other such short-term illness.

Last Sunday, in the midst of my misery, I had the responsibility to preach for a pastor which I really needed to fulfil. My prayer that morning as I readied myself for church was, "Lord, help me to be able to effectively communicate the message You've given me, in spite of this cold. Give me the sermon time free of the coughing." You know what? He did. I had a whole 30 minutes without a "tickle".

It reminds me that when "I am under the weather" it doesn't have to mean I'm without help. I recall the time when the disciples were out in a boat when a storm came up that caused them to fear for their lives. Jesus was with them, but He was asleep in the boat. They woke Him up with their fearful cries, and as He stood, He commanded the storm to dissolve into a peaceful calm. (Mark 4:39)

Whether the weather is physically pressing you down, or your body bringing the pressure of pain or misery upon you, or even the climate of your emotional and spiritual threatens to pin you down, remember that the Prince of Peace is near and able to lift you "above the weather" where His perspective is awesome. Remember, no matter the storm, He has not left you to "weather" it alone. The weather will change, but He never will!

Be encouraged, my friend!


Ray Edwards said...

Amen, Broco. We might be under the weather, but Christ is under there with us. We can be under the weather, but on top of the circumstance with Christ.

Mich said...

Nice to have you back, dad!
Hope you are feeling better soon!
love ya!

Amber said...

You're back!!! I've missed you around these parts!! :)

Feel better soon...you can't be sick for Christmas!! (although that does tend to be our style, isn't it?!?)