Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Did you ever hear or said it so,
That you don’t think when you watch a show?
You want to just relax and “veg”
And not always “sit on the edge”?
I know that I’ve been told I get
So into what I’m viewing, and yet,
I’m looking for those plots behind
The action that so many don’t find.
Why do I like the shows like Monk?
The Mentalist and Sherlock Holmes ain’t junk!
Well, here’s the reason why it’s so,
That I like to think deep when I watch a show.
I seek for that which redeems the plot,
For today there’s many whose plot does not!
I pit my mind against the stars
Who have the script without the scars.
They don’t require the thought it took
To really apprehend the crook.
But they help me stretch my mind
To second guess and best their find.
But overall my drive for thought
I do believe has higher ought!
If I just veg and forget what’s shown
When I have finished that time is gone.
But if my mind’s had exercise
My mind’s turned on and grown in size.
When matching wits of daring do
My mind’s creative juices flew,
And when I’ve finished and solved the plot,
The time I’ve used is wasted, not!
So, next time try one that makes you think,
Perhaps, with these thoughts, it won’t stink!

Yesterday morning I woke from a very vivid dream sequence in which I was part of a group of television producers who were discussing how to improve the image of the latest “Sherlock Holmes” series. (To my knowledge, no such series is in process though a lot of old films are being remade so…who knows) In the group was the star of the show, whom I recognized as a very talented person in the role. As I recall from the discussion around the table, many were of the opinion that what was needed was some kind of toy that would be representative of the Holmes character. I countered with my argument that the popularity of the show was and is determined by its main character’s uncanny ability to see clues where others cannot. The sense of mystery that surrounds the plot excites the imagination and draws the viewers into the story in their attempts to figure out the climax before it actually is revealed at the end. My thought was that a toy would diminish the creative interaction of the viewers with the ongoing plot of the show. It would cheapen its value, which indeed does more in exercising the mind’s ability to think through complex problems.

Now before you ask the question, “where is this blog going?” Let me explain that the night before, my wife and I had had this discussion regarding how involved I become in the plot of “edge of the seat” shows, and I had attempted to explain my approach and how I am continually examining movies for their redeeming value, resulting in often becoming very involved in the ongoing plots. I suppose it is the way I am “wired” in looking at the stories being played out on TV or in movies, or even as I used to do as a youngster, in becoming absorbed in a story from a book. I know I would become so involved in the book I was reading that my mother’s call to do my chores went on deaf ears. As I have grown, though “selective hearing” seems onset, I have attempted to be responsive to “important calls” to other duties. I confess that I do so with some degrees of disappointment when the story’s climax is missed. If I know of other priorities in the making, I’d rather not even begin to watch an unfolding drama. I would imagine most feel the same way in this regard.

Have you been there? I am sure that many have the same kind of responses. There are others who have different approaches that do not become so intensely involved in the mental gymnastics. They prefer to watch a movie that allows them to be affirmed and feel good or inspired without the interaction with characters and plot. They are not wrong, they simple enter the area of this entertainment medium with a different purpose, and can, as a result, leave the action in process without as many hanging questions. Others require a kind of closure that comes from a clean conclusion with no unresolved mysteries.

Specifically, I enjoy series such as “Monk” and “The Mentalist” because they are written with a great deal of attention to the Holmes kind of investigation and pursuit. When the old Sherlock Holmes character said, “The game’s afoot” and began his pursuit of clues, I was always hot on his heels with his partner Dr. Watson coming in third.

If you’re still puzzling over my intent in this blog, perhaps a simple explanation is that it is some personal diary-like notes that may help someone else verbalize their own “wiring” or, perhaps just to help you understand a little more about mine. In any case, I do want to draw from this what I consider to be related spiritual truth.

On the subject of the mind and its ability to assimilate and process information, I am always struck by some writing by Paul to the Philippian Christians. He sets forth an important principle when he writes, “Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind…let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:2, 5) When I think of the mind of Christ, I can see intensity of focus on discovery of God’s will, and making it the primary watchword for daily processing and action. So it should be with all believers, determining the Father’s will and, given their own particular gifted purpose in it, respond to follow its leading. Paul also wrote to the Roman Christians some related principles about the mind’s processing. “…be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” (Romans 12:2) Herein is the bit of “detective” work of the believer defined. It is a continued search for God’s perfectly good will, and is a pursuit of an active mind.

On this note, I am reminded of those who profess a different philosophy of mental gymnastics in their attempts to unlock the mysteries of the spiritual realm. They are told they must clear their minds of thought, and thus let the mind rise to higher realms. The quote, “Idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, comes to mind. Like the natural force of gravity, the mind which is emptied of active discovery and pursuit of God’s mind, will “fall” down and not up!

So, my friend, take a page from my self-disclosure, and the whole Book from God’s, THINK AND BE ENCOURAGED TODAY!


Mich said...

I love you Dad!

The post just made me smile thinking about who you are and all the times you've been a "thinkin'."

Amber said...

Mich stole my comment. No fair! I was also going to comment on all my fond memories of you pondering a show.

Heart ya!