Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm pressed with a burden, I often complain.

It's hard to live daily the strain of His name.

"Oh, God," I oft' pray. "Please take it away,

And give in its place an easier day."

But the answer He gives I cannot refute,

The burden is needed lest His strength I dilute.

The press that is given, it comes from His hand,

And its purpose is squeezing-forth wine that is grand.

And this wine is the fruit of my link to the Vine,

The joy of His strength with roots all Divine.

"So, Lord, give me burdens, Your strength to complete,

That the wine I produce will be heavenly sweet."

~jb, 4-14-2004

One of the pictures of harvesting the fruit of the land that conveys a difficult spiritual truth is that of the grape. Many, of course, find their way "whole" into the marketplace, but much of this fruit must be put through a lot of pressure to squeeze out its essence. If the grape were able to feel and express its pain during this process, it would be a story of great suffering.

The Christian life is bound for such a press! As Jesus was in His life on earth, so will we be as we identify with Him. We are to be harnessed with Him to produce that which is the best. In truth, the burden is the pressure He provides that presses the grapes of our life to produce the wine of joy. And those whose lives have this joy in evidence seem to have no burdens at all. Oswald Chambers says we must lift the veil from our eyes to the see the burden press that gives off peace, light, and the joy of God. If, however, we complain under the strain, we'll miss the pleasure of pressure and the wine of His strength will spoil on the vine.

Oh, child of God, be encouraged with the strength God gives within such burden born of His Spirit. Such power is invincible in this world. When you are pressed of Him, what shall be the produce, a whine or wine?

Matthew 11:29, "Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me..."

Isaiah 40:29, " those who have no might He increases strength."

Nehemiah 8:10, "...the joy of the Lord is your strength."

Be encouraged today, Christian friend, and be as Sweet as He!


Mich said...

Trying to be sweet like Jesus!
I liked that.

Love ya!

Jo said...

Whining and complaining rarely gets good results. An appreciative and joyful heart always is a "feel good" thing.

It's kind of like a glass half empty or half full. A pessimist whines and usually sees the glass half empty. An optimist is the opposite and is usually happier for it.

Amber said...

Yikes. I'm afraid I whine too much. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be a little more "winey".

Love ya, Jim-Dad