Friday, June 26, 2009


I began to research the internet today for what happened 44 years ago on this day. I came up somewhat empty. I did discover that in Belgium a political party named Wallon was formed, and of course, we were already in the midst of the conflict in Vietnam, an ongoing news maker for some time to come. But on that day, it seemed the world found no other history of importance to record. It was almost as if there was a pause.

Now, I am not claiming that everything in the world was put on hold for me on that date, but there was a significant event that took place in the heartland of North America, in the Ozark hills of northern Arkansas, in a tiny little community known as Burlington. There, in a rural country church, surrounded by witnesses who would attest to what occurred, two lives were joined in what is known as Holy Matrimony. Yours truly became one with a very special lady, and thus began a journey that would indeed reach around the world during the next forty-four years. When you think about it, the empty space on the world scene on June 26, 1965 was not so empty after all.


I just had to include this one because it is "different" - She says "but we're not smiling"!
Personally, I was nervously glad we were finally "marching" out, and she, well, I leave it
to you. Who do you think she was winking at, and why? 44 years later and I still am
finding out she knows me "like a book" and I'm still finding "new pages" to read about her!
Been there, done that?

Dear friends, let me add that there is no better way to spend a life "in the Lord" than with someone who shares your faith, your call, and your walk. Be encouraged today.


Amber said...

I'm so glad you put in the winkie winkie picture! Very funny, although Mom may have your hide for it!!! :)

Happy Anniversary, you two!
Love you muy mucho!

Mich said...

Sorry, Amb told me I might havw stole your thunder with the pictures on my post, but I couldn't help myself...I've always loved your wedding pictures.

Happy Anniversary! I love you both more than words can say. I am one blessed gal!

Mich said...

You will probably read my blog before checking here, but I nominated you for an award. Thanks dad for reading!

Michael Cheong said...

Brother Jim,
I didn't know or have been forgetting that your anniversary was just four days away from ours (June 22th)! The wedding dates are, however, I realize, 37 years apart! We are just like a little child as a couple in comparison with you!
Congratulations with love and respect!

Your pictures are, no you all in the pictures are precisely, so awesome.