Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh, how we take for granted this sweet land of liberty!
Everyday we growl and complain and frown at our fellow citizens, as they, too, exercise their right to drive on its highways. We become lost in our own circle of life, and fail to see around us many of our "sisters and brothers" who's circle is smaller and filled with more pain and distress than we've ever faced! We do not even give thanks for the daily bread that is in abundance in our markets, when even in this land there are those whose children cry because there is not a crust to be found in their homes! We watch our televisions, and see with untouched hearts, the world around us whose hearts bleed daily in want and bondage! Oh, when will we awake to the true call to freedom's banner!
Today is our nation's birthday! As we look at the lighted "candles" that fill the sky today in celebration, may there be a new resolve to take our freedom seriously, to learn to care and give space to those who, too, own its liberty, to reach out to enlarge the circles that often bind and distress our sisters and brothers, to thank God for bread by sharing it with those who lack its abundance, to move forward to LET OUR FREEDOM RING for the hearts of those of our world who've never known what it sounds like.
Oh, today of all days, truly live like it is GOD'S COUNTRY AND A SWEET LAND - FOR ALL!


Mich said...

Happy 4th!
Enjoy the ballgames for me!
Love ya!

Robin said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I came across it from Mich whom knows friends of mine from college.

My husband just started a blog and his first post was on heros. We are currently planting a new church in the area of Ft. Hood, Tx so heros and freedom are near and dear to our hearts.

His blog is

Thank you for your thoughts and words.