Saturday, November 15, 2008


The movie “Somewhere in Time”, which starred Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour, had a story line that followed a playwright on a mental journey which transported him back to a past before he was born. The method used was complete separation from all reminders of the present and a self-induced trance in which he continued repeating and thinking only that he was indeed there. Result. He woke up to find himself experiencing that “in reality”, according to the script, of course. A good, thought provoking, though obvious science fictional story.

I relate this to share my own experience of the last few days in Northborough MA. We had been invited to come and portray Luther Rice and his sister Sarah. Read my last blog “On the Road Again” for some of the details of this. In that I mentioned that we would be staying in Rice’s birthplace. Well, we have, and herein is my “somewhere in time” experience. As I sit in the more formal living room at a desk that could have been deposited here from the early 1800s and look around, I can almost feel myself transported. Being acquainted intensely with Luther Rice during this last year’s numerous presentations, I find myself immersed in his character and almost his thoughts as I attempt to portray him to those who would learn of his life, Christian heritage and strong missions commitment. It has been the ideal preparation ground for the three presentations I have made over the course of the three days.

I’ve heard comments which express that I was able to “transport” them “back in time” with a feeling that they were actually hearing Luther Rice himself. There is nothing better by way of compliment than this for one playing such a meaningful character. It continues to affirm our preparations and “immersion” into the life and character of the personalities we portray.

As I study on this matter of “immersing” myself in such characters in our drama ministry, it occurs to me that we are taught in Scripture that this is the process which needs to take place in our relationship with Christ. The mind is a marvelous thing, because, though we are surrounded by things that are far removed from His life and character, we are enabled by the Holy Spirit to into “our closet” alone with Him, regardless of our physical surroundings or circumstances. It must be in this intimate contact with Him through prayer, His Word, and the Holy Spirit, that we “immerse” ourselves in Him, His character, His thoughts, His will and His way. The result, others will be able to see Him truly and by this, have the opportunity to have the Holy Spirit convict and draw them to Him.

I have seen many who have done so, and my response to them is that they have truly shown me Jesus in their lives, for His character and nature lives truly through their actions, attitudes, and words. Such a witness will not go without fruit as it is consistently given.

Be encouraged in your own “immersion” into the life and character of our Lord.


Mich said...

i'm sure you have many more pictures to share from your trip...glad you are both having a good time!

Amber said...

"Somewhere In Time" always reminds me of you....

Can't wait to see the rest of the pics from your trip. Glad you are having a good time.

Ray Edwards said...


It must be a real thrill to be in the places where events you talk about really happened and people you portray really lived. Our Christian faith is based on the real historicity of the events and people we read about in the Word. Wow! don't you just love this kind of history?

I look forward to hearing more and seeing more of what you all have exprienced.

BroCo Ray