Thursday, November 6, 2008

War Chief Kungfu Panda "Jim"

Before you read this blog, make sure you read the last one. I did it this morning also and I believe it has some merit - I hope it does!

Now, today has begun on somewhat of a new note as I came to the office. A co-worker brought a picture of "War Chief Kungfu Panda", the totem name I adopted from our mission trip to Wyoming this past July. Our team of 34 each had totem names we gave them to describe their character or tasks. We had a lot of fun with it. Well, as leader of the "tribe" I got to be the chief. I was really privileged to have our missionary in residence there - make me a war bonnet - which he brought to me last month when they came back for a visit. Well, if you knew me like some know me, you'd know I needed to find a way to use the headdress in a presentation. I did so at our annual meeting of churches last month. I used it to introduce my sermon and speak about our mission to the reservation in Wyoming. You will see in the picture I am holding a curved stick in my hand. That is called a "coup stick" and its purpose in the hands of a Cheyenne warrior was to bravely risk his life in riding close enough to an enemy to strike a blow but leave him unharmed and alive. In this way he showed his superiority without shedding blood. He was said to have "counted coup". Our missionary host, true to his craft in recreating such items native to the people with whom he works, made one for our team, with this admonition and affirmation. We had "counting coup" on the devil by our work with the people there, and the feathers were a testimony of such. Of course, we cannot hope to kill him for that is left in the hands of our great Lord. But we can show His power through our work and "count coup" each time we do. Our challenge was to return next year and bring the "coup stick" back for some added feathers!

Oh that we each day would risk ourselves in the service of our Lord, as we share His gospel and the freedom He brings to all who would believe and receive Him as Lord and Saviour. We could "count" a lot of "coup" each and every day!

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Amber said...

Still remember the year that I was named "Red Thumb." Good times!!!
Kung Fu Panda...really?