Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Time of Significance

I watched the final moments of the growing anticipation as one by one the states revealed the results of their election votes for a new president elect. I watched as the numbers grew on both sides of the "aisle" and saw how the candidate for whom I did not vote steadily increase his lead to the fateful 270 figure required for election. I watched and listened to the concession speech of my candidate, as he graciously called for the nation to put the campaign to rest and awaken a new movement of unity and support for his rival, now his "president-elect". I watched the crowd in Chicago as they stood waving their American flags and cheering the news that their candidate had won, and heard the report that at my candidate's address, they, too, cheered him for his words.

A time of significance. Perhaps the most historic campaign of record in many a year, for many reasons.

And then I watched as the camera "zeroed in" on a face I recognized in the crowd in Chicago. Gratefully, without newcaster's comment, the camera stayed for a moment, capturing a "time of significance" that perhaps I may never feel in the same way that one felt and showed in his expression. Oh, I want to understand it and feel it, for it embodies the very soul of who we need to be as blessed children of our God.

What was this "time of significance"? It was the face of Rev. Jesse Jackson, caught in the emotion of the moment, as he stood alone in the crowd, with tears streaming down his face at the announcement of Obama's victory. This brother in Christ, certainly happy at the news, revealed a far deeper emotion than a mere election win. I know that flooding his thoughts was what this time meant for the whole of his race, as they had finally come from the very lowest of states, from the inhumanity of slavery, to the very highest office of the land. And though he was not my choice, now he would be my president, too, and I rejoice for this time of significance.

As I reflect further on the impassioned tears I watched, I am reminded that perhaps the deeper emotion and its significance can be mine indeed. Was I not a slave, sold by sin's bondage, until one day, through the greatest campaign ever waged on earth, I was able to stand, not as a president elect, but as one who would rule with the King of Kings! Tears of gratitude, tears of joy, tears without words to describe, should flood my eyes at such a rise from insignificance to significance in the heart and mind of God.

Take heart, my brothers and sisters, our God is still on the throne. He reigns and rules regardless of who wins an earthly position. May He reign and rule in our hearts and in that of our new president elect, Barack Obama.


Amber said...

I was waiting for your take on this whole thing....but, I already knew what you would say.

Good words, even if this whole thing is kind of hard to swallow. But God is big and He isn't finished with this country.

Ray Edwards said...

Jim, I appreciate your words. Even though I voted for McCain, I knew that Obamas winning of this election was a historic moment. That Obama could be elected made me proud that I was an American. Thhe truth is the celebration of his win is short-lived, because the real work now begins. When we become a child of God. There is rejoicing, even in the presence of the angels, but shortly the real work begins. We start the exciting yet hard work of being a disciple. It is only through the strength of God that we are successful at being a genuine disciple. It will be through of God that our new president will be successful in his role as our new president.

Mich said...

Thanks for once again putting things in perspective. this election has been huge, even my kids were worried about it since they had participated in "mock elections" at school. This morning when Jordan's face fell because "his" person didn't win, Kevin told him "it is ok son, God is still in control and has a reason for everything." How true!