Sunday, September 28, 2008

Been There, Done That?

The last few days, before and since my last blog entry, have been wearing. Prep and the actual "doing" of a Yard Sale are not only time consuming, but energy eating, as well! Yesterday began at 4 in the morning. We were to "open up" at 7 a.m., but had early arrivals at 6:30! In talking and listening with and to these and those that followed, I discovered a whole "cult" of folks that make this a regular routine for Saturday outings. Such statements as, "where have you been?" and "we've missed you!" indicate that some sort of a society has developed "on the road" between sale locations. For some, they will look over the whole "mess" of stuff, just looking for that one item. One individual, when asked what he was looking for, replied, "I don't know, but when I see it, I'll know!" We didn't have it! Still don't know what it was! Others will stop and shop, and indicate that their routine is to "shop 'til they drop!" and woe be to those who are riding with them and want to "call it quits!"

The part I was noticing the most was seeing the little ones taggin' along with their mommies and grannies. Their eyes lighting up and surveying the "stuff-ladened" tables was a study in "passing-on" the "torch of yard sale passion"! I can see busy Saturdays in their futures! I may have added to that un-be-knowingly, as I usually would end up giving them a toy of some kind. It was somewhat redeemed by the immediate instruction from their parent, "what do you say?" To which they would reply with a shy smile, "Thank you!" Ah, manners still in good stead.

Other comments heard were things like, "I don't need this for I don't have any place to put it!" But the item, joined by other numerous and mixed variety, was loaded into their vehicle anyway. At one point, a couple drove up in a 16 foot enclosed truck. I thought they had come to "buy us out" but they simply commented when asked, "We just like to be prepared!" They left with a just a handful of "stuff", the gas used in the process probably tripling the price they paid.

So, how do I evaluate this new society and its passion? I ask a Korean friend of mine if this was done in his country. The reply was no. Having lived in two other countries myself for long periods, I do recall that it was not done there either. My take on this right now. Well, I was glad to bring joy to a few folks. And though we did not get rid of all we wanted to, we did manage to net more than the cost of the ad in the paper, and the gas used getting and returning tables to use. Maybe enough to buy a week's worth of groceries! And we did get to visit with a whole lot of folks that we'd never have had the opportunity to, had we not done so.

But I do have this observation. It seems our society in America is consumed with "possessing stuff", be it new from the local Walmart, or from someone else's front yard sale. It is "stuff" with which we seem to build our small "fort" of security. When I look to the losses which have taken place with the recent hurricanes, I see those who braved the elements because they did not want to leave all of their "stuff"! And I have to admit, there is a lot of personal, not replacables, in my own fort.

But the bottom line counsel is this - and I need to take a dose of my own medicine, too - my treasure should not be that which I can possess so easily, nor lose equally well. It must be ever beyond my grasp, as well as, in my grasp, if you catch my drift! It must be that which I can have and yet, never lose. And I mean, "Never Lose!"

God's word says it this way, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal; For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:19-20)

Now, that is something that when you see it, you'll know that that was what you came looking for, even though you did not know it when you came.

Be encouraged today, and seek the right treasures. Go to your yard sales, but keep in mind that the real treasure is not found in the "stuff" piled there!


Mich said...

Nanny would be so proud of you Dad! Of course she probably would of found a way to convince a few more people that they needed some more of your stuff!!!

I enjoyed your blog. It is so true. We are very consumed with stuff and then fuss when the stuff creates more mess and work!

Hope you and mom have a good visit at home! Happy house hunting!

Love ya!

Amber said...

Some of my favorite memories are of going to garage sales with Granny. She was always in search of the perfect item. I don't remember going to too many sales with Nanny, but I sure do remember her having them!!!!!!! I agree with Mich...Nanny would have found a way to sell all your stuff!! :)

Love ya! Get some rest!

Jo said...

I know that I have far too much "stuff", myself. And I need to unload about half (at least) of it. I think I inherited a "hoarding" gene from Nanny. You know....margarine tubs, mayo jars, etc,etc,etc. One never knows when those things will come in handy one day, don'tcha know? And, I agree with the girls...Nanny was the best when it came to having garage sales...she could talk someone into buying about anything! I miss her!