Friday, September 5, 2008

Stepping Out Into New Territory!

I am somewhat like the comedian who told the story of how he broke into the "PC world" of writing. He said he learned how to "save his words" but did not know where they went, and he learned how to "get them back", but did not know where they had been. Then, when he tried to print out what he had written, the computor said it could not find the printer, so he typed and entered the words, "It's that box to your right!" It responded that it still could not find it. Frustrated, he picked up the monitor and turning it toward the printer, exclaimed, "See, there it is!" BEEN THERE? DONE THAT?

Well, this is my first "blog" and walking through all of the setups and layouts, etc., I wonder how I ever got myself into this. I know, it wasn't my fault! It was my youngest daughter's! She's got the "blog-blight" and once she "infected" her sister, proceeded to pass it on to me. "But Dad," she'd say, "it's simple and after all, you like to write!" Yeah, but what she doesn't seem to realize is that this is a long way from a number #2 lead pencil and a "Big Chief" tablet. (I'm telling my age, but admit it, some of you out there know exactly what I am referring to.) Now, I know my brain works a lot faster than I do, and I have managed to work fairly well with my pcs, but get real! This that is advertized to save time is sure taking a whole lot of it up just getting ready to write anything. With the ol' #2 and Big Chief, you pick it up, perhaps sharpen it a little, flip the page and create! And WAH-LA! It prints it out as you go! To delete, just reverse the #2 and rub! WAH-LA again! It's gone!

Well, I've vented! I suppose its all a part of the infection as it begins to take over and infest the gray matter! I wonder if there's an antibiotic you can take to ease the symptoms? Maybe if I can find that #2 and chew on the eraser, it will ease the twitch I seemed to have developed.

Well, maybe my encouragement for you today is to realize you're not the only one that a "blog-bug" has bitten!

May God bless your day is my prayer!


Amber said...

I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to post anything...I thought I was going to have to send out a blogger search party for you!

So glad that you did! It's fun isn't it?! And, that's fine, I'll take all the credit for this wonderful adventure you're embarking on! You're going to love it!

Now...if we can only get you on FaceBook!! :)

Love ya,

Mich said...

Proud of you dad!