Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God's Orchestra

We're still "in the dark" at our house, amid a community of silence, broken now by the two generators going on at the homes on either side. Just a low drone, so no big deal. I hope they have not heard about more of an extended period before the power is restored. We figure that the only thing lost at our house is a "refrig" full of miscellaneous bottles we needed to throw out anyway. A few items in the freezer, but again no big amount for we don't stock up unless our kids and their kids are doing a proverbial "cattle" drive our way! That and of course our monthly contribution to the utility company will be smaller. I've adapted to a new routine. Instead of getting up and "devoting" and "blogging" right off, then getting ready for work, I now get up, pack up my "kit and caboodle" and fresh clothes, and head to the office, where I devote and blog, grab a bite and have a hot shower before work. We're making it. It's been cool enough through the day and night, and with flashlights a'plenty, we're ok.

I'm still dealing with the weather in my devotional thoughts. God is truly amazing in what He has created in the order of things. Even when I look at the storms that often strike fear in the hearts of some, the hand of a powerful yet merciful God is revealed. And man is very often the unwitting example of how God works in his creation. The next time you have a storm cross overhead, think about how a symphony orchestra does its work of exciting and then leaving a breathless awe at the tremendous music that was brought forth. I've tried to capture it in the few lines of a poem I wrote a few years ago.

At first a faintly instant light,

Then beams of light break through.

They light the dark like brightest day,

And give the sounds their cue.

Now faintly hear the rumble there,

The whispering leaves turn out.

And now they're bending from the force,

As rumble becomes shout.

Now hushed as though no breath at all,

They wait, their part to bring.

And now some barely can be heard,

And soft, lik bells that ring.

Its sound now grows, but more like drums,

It beats its measure clear.

And with it light and growing roar,

Crescendo in my ears.

Now then it stops, gone but for now.

It's left behind its trace,

A cooling breeze left from the storm,

And rain upon my face.

So, when the storm breaks over you and you begin to have fear, remember the Lord's words, "Fear not" when He orchestrated the calm of the seas. Be encouraged!


Amber said...

I like this poem, Dad.

Golly...wish the power would come on for you guys! Hopefully it will soon.

Love you.

Mich said...

I liked the poem too!
I saw on Amb's blog where you got your electricity back... I'm glad!
Love ya!