Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Light Campaign

The power is still down in our area due to the residue of "IKE's visit" among us. The evenings are quiet - no sounds outside except for an occasional dog barking or the train moving along the tracks about 1/2 mile distant. We are living under the beams of instant light as we move from room to room in our routine of meals, chores and bedtime prep. During these times I realize even more vividly how much we take the LIGHT for granted, or is it "granded" or "granite"? - actually, if you dissect those words, all could apply - GRANTED - a given, GRANDED - pretty great, "GRANITE" - like a rock! All of that aside, we do just assume that it will always be there when we need it. And when it is not, the shock of our limits hits us and we find ourselves at a loss.

My imagination catches hold and I can see a little of the kind of lifestyle our forefathers must have had with light that was not instant with the flip of a switch. The light of a coal oil lamp or lantern, carried to light the way, was all that they knew, and it was enough. How far we have come, yet how much we have lost in the years since then, when we consider how dependent we have become on the world's power sources. One of the significant issues today is the dependence we have upon foreign oil. Oh, if we could only advance and yet maintain our ingenuity and appreciation for the simple and less stressful way.

Spiritually, our dependence upon what the world considers "light" to be is also a paradox of dependence. We have shifted from our dependence upon the LIGHT that is GOD'S SON, and the truth that He illuminates to guide our lives in peace and joy. We have substituted for that LIGHT the world's dark wisdom that so captivates the minds of many, that their lives are ever on a downward spiral of self-destruction, with only confusion and saddness as the fruit.

I picture it this way. Imagine the light of day drawing to a close, with shadows lengthening until the source drops below the horizon, giving out one last burst of color on the clouds as if to say, I'll be back - look to the eastern sky! As night takes over, pinpoints of light flicker across the land, joining in the promise to illumine what they can until the commanding force of eastern light makes its new challenge. I wrote it this way in verse:

The shadows lengthen as light is forced to turn away,

To lose its hold, retreat from victory of the day.

Darkness born of shadows shuts the door,

And laughs at its success against an ancient foe.

But this general of night does not see,

Among his captives one spark,

That ignites the light of heart,

When struck against the dark.

And suddenly a rebellion of flames pierces his shroud,

Revealing a quivering army of shadows in fearful flight,

Among the dancing tongues of flame made light,

That rejoice again in victory, against the night.

In the midst of this world's present darkness, to coin the title made famous by Frank Peretti, you and I are the "sparks" to light the hearts! Keep your eyes on the eastern sky, for the Lord has told us that, "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." (Matt. 24:27) So flame up, and watch the shadows tremble in fear, for the LIGHT in HIS FULNESS will soon appear in victory!

Be encouraged today!


Amber said...

Very good words.

I hope y'all's lights come back on soon! Maybe today, huh?

Love you guys!

Amber said...

Keaton wrote a new post on his blog. Wanted to make sure that you read it. He always worries about you in particular reading his stories! :)

Mich said...

Words to think about! I know I am totally dependent on the flip of that switch!
Hope the lights come on soon!
Love ya!