Monday, September 8, 2008

The Master Tuner of Life

Yesterday was Sunday and I had a dramatic monologue presentation to make that required me to sing. Normally that's no problem, except that Friday my throat was beginning to show definite signs of irritation that signals a cold, or infection of some kind. I went to the doctor on Saturday and was given a perscription. Sunday dawned and I was coughing and almost afraid to try to sing, but putting it into the Lord's hands, I donned my costume and we left for the church some 30 miles distance. As I sometimes do when I don't match the face on my driver's license, I let Virginia drive and I popped the CD into the slot and tried my song for the first time. Though more of a baritone pitch than my normal tenor, I made it and felt easier about the morning, which seemed to go off without a hitch. Praise the Lord for His tuning of the ol' instrument!

On reflection, it occurs to me that a great truth of God's Word is the way Christ can take a life that is so filled with weakness and sin, and make of it something that is truly grand. (Not that I consider my voice so grand, but follow the spiritual application in spite of that, if you will!) When we consider our unworthiness to enter into the glorious Presence of the King, we are in awe as to how such can happen. We are like a piano that is so out of tune (now you see my personal application) it cannot play the notes of a song without discord. The only recourse is to call in the expert to make the necessary adjustments to put it back in tune, to once again sound out the beautiful notes that are written for it to play. Oh, the delight when the Lord, the great Tuner of our lifes' instruments, in the time when they are out of tune, will come and with great care bring them back into harmony once again.

Here are some lines I penned to sum up the thoughts:

At times, when in my journey, my music plays off-key,
I find the discord grates upon my sensibility.
It's then when desperation drives my soul to cry for aid,
And the Tuner comes to fix the instrument He's made.
With care, He tightens all the strings just so, in perfect harmony,
And then I take the stage again, to play what He gives me.
Oh, Lord, my Master Tuner and the Writer of my song,
Please help me daily keep on key, and not on discord's wrong.

Take encouragement, dear friend, when your life instrument does not seem up to the day's task. The Master Tuner is always on call.

On an added "note", Jude 24, too, has some encouragement as our attention focuses on the ultimate presentation before the King! "Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy."

Have a good day!


Amber said...

Glad that everything turned out well for your presentation...isn't God so good like that?!?!

Hope you are feeling all better now. I think Kirk and I are trying to get sick now...yuck.

Mich said...

The "Master Tuner" has to come my way a lot! Sometimes the process hurts a little too... oh wait, that's pruning isn't it? Actually, either way, it is so amazing how God can turn an experience or situation that is difficult into something glorious! Or better, turn my horrible attitude into one of thankfulness! Have a great day tomorrow, DAD! Love ya!